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Black Sky

Listen to my music on the pages linked here where you can also purchase, follow,and subscribe to my music,nature and survival videos, and more.


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UNSOUND is inspired by antique music boxes, 1970’s horror films, exploring abandoned houses, late night visits with a funeral home caretaker, and growing up in a massive Victorian home serve to inspire this album.  Not your lighthearted, fun collection of Halloween songs, rather a soundtrack for the darker corners of your mind.


John Rose-"Music is a soundtrack to life. My goal is to create music to enhance ones life experience, and bring a unique listening experience

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About Roseworks Productions

Roseworks Productions is a multifaceted production entity. This concept comes from my approach to music, which is creating and composing soundtracks to life and life experience. Much of what I do is drawn from nature and my relationship with nature. With this in mind, I will include a subcategory on my website that includes nature, observation and interacting with nature, including how to live simply and in harmony with nature.

my music goes beyond the scope of entertainment and encompasses the realms of music for therapy, and a canvas for self discovery. Music for me, began as a means of self-help, therapy to help me through my own experiences. Therefore, my objective is to create music that does the same for others, as I said before a canvas, or a pallet for your own self discovery and self, help incorporate techniques such as EMDR, binaural recordings for mind expansion and music for meditation and contemplation. Sometimes this music will have a message within embedded in the music itself, but most of the time the psychoactive properties of the music come from the harmonic frequencies within the sounds and textures of the music itself. If you are a therapist, life, coach, or self help instructor, for example, my music is available for purchase and use in your project. I enjoy collaborating with others in the creation of such projects.


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EMDR Meditation (Long Form) - SD 480p

EMDR Meditation (Long Form) - SD 480p

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Lebendige Technik (Living Technology)

Lebendige Technik (Living Technology)

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